Clean-Up after migration to GitBox

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Clean-Up after migration to GitBox

Olaf Krueger
the repositories are moved to GitBox [1].

Daniel from INFRA commented this:

"Repositories have been moved. You'll have to sort out the mess with your
two web site repos yourself, one is an svn clone, one is, I presume, a repo
for a next gen site? Both were called the same thing, which caused some
internal confusion. the ng repo has been called flex-site-ng.git now."

So, we have two website repos now, flex-site [2] and flex-site-ng [3].
flex-site is the one which is life.
Does anybody know what's about flex-site-ng?
Can we leave it as it is or is there any need to do anything with it?

You offered to fix some things, what would you like to fix?





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