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Export to PDF using native resources


I tried to "Save as PDF" my TLF on macOS, using the native feature and for
my surprise it exported a true PDF-A selectable and pixel perfect (images
with perfect quality, size and position) and this feature seems to be there
for years.

Windows 10 also have now this as a core feature but as a local printer
instead of special option as macOS.

So, I could add a export to PDF on my TLF editor using the native resources
on macOS and Windows 10.
For Windows 10 it's easy. I only need to set the deafult printer as
"Microsoft Print to PDF" (validating first if exists) but I don't know how
to do the same on macOS seems macOS deals with this as a special option on
the printer dialog (already searched without sucess and I would like to
avoid an ANE as possible).

Any ideas ?

Basically, I need a silent way to save as pdf on macOS.

Thank you,

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