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Peter Ent

I've just committed/pushed a new FlexJS component (and its helpers) to the HTML project. It is the <js:Table> component. I saw that there were JS-only fragments of Table present and decided to make an official SWF/JS version.

The idea is to create a clean <table> HTML structure and mimic it in the Flash Player. For a first-pass, it does a pretty good job.

It works something like this:

<js:Table width="400" height="500">
               <!— contents of this header here —>
         <!— more headers —>
             <!— contents of this cell here —>
        <!— more cells for this row —>
    <!— more rows —>

You can place nearly anything inside of a cell (I tried it with another Table and Groups). If you need it to scroll, place it within <js:Container> and add a <js:ScrollingViewport> bead to the Container.