Launch of the 2020 ASF Community Survey

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Launch of the 2020 ASF Community Survey

Olaf Krueger
Hello everyone,

If you have an email, you should have received an email with an
invitation to take the 2020 ASF Community Survey. Please take 15 minutes to
complete it.
If you do not have an email address or you didn’t receive a link,
please follow this link to the survey:

This survey is important because it will provide us with scientific
information about our community, and shed some light on how we can
collaborate better and become more diverse. Our last survey of this kind was
implemented in 2016, which means that our existing data about Apache
communities is outdated. The deadline to complete the survey is January 4th,
2020. You can find information about privacy on the survey’s Confluence page

Your participation is paramount to the success of this project! Please
consider filling out the survey, and share this news with your fellow Apache
contributors. As individuals form the Apache community, your opinion
matters: we want to hear your voice.

If you have any questions about the survey or otherwise, please reach out to

ASF Diversity & Inclusion


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