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Looking for a Flex AIR FTE

Erik Thomas
Hey all:

We’re looking for a senior Flex AIR mobile developer. This is a full-time employee position that includes competitive salary and stock options and the candidate will work remotely, even after the pandemic.

Why consider this position?

* We offer Industry standard salary with options in a growing company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.
* Get in on the ground floor. We are pre-IPO.
* Work on our flagship products. Our apps ARE our business.
* Work remotely, both during and after the pandemic.
* Flexible hours.


* Creating, maintaining, extending and testing Flex-based AIR mobile apps that interface with multiple back-end services via REST APIs.
* Deploying mobile apps to Google Play and Apple App Store (iTunes Connect).
* Assisting in designing mobile-first user interfaces and interaction models.
* Maintaining and provisioning various development certs and provisioning profiles (Apple Developer)
* Coordinating feature development with web app developers who are creating web versions of the mobile apps.
* Leveraging various off-the-shelf Air Native Extensions (ANEs).
* Keeping up-to-date on mobile developments, technologies, and trends.


* BS in computer science or equivalent education/work experience.
* Senior level expertise in Flex/ActionScript development.
* Familiarity with AIR mobile (or desktop) app development and deployment to stores.
* Strong written and verbal communication skills.
* Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
* Self-starter, ability to be successful working remotely with an English-speaking team.
* Experience working with MacOS and shell scripting desired.
* Familiarity with deploying and using Air Native Extensions a plus.
* Experience with deploying mobile apps on Play and Apple Stores a plus.

Who is Linqto?
What Coinbase did for crypto and Robinhood did for public securities, Linqto is doing for private securities. Linqto is democratizing the purchase of pre-IPO Unicorns shares by making them accessible, affordable and liquid to the average accredited investor. We are a mobile-first, early adopter platform with the tagline (also our vision) private investing made simple. After two years in R&D, Linqto launched its MVP in February and by May started hitting our hockey stick. Now we are about execution and scale. Be ready to fasten your seat belt and put the pedal to the metal. Join a company that has fun and is on the cutting edge of disrupting the investment industry.

If you are qualified and interested, please contact me directly via email or phone.

Thank you!

Erik Thomas
Chief Architect
Linqto, Inc.
Office: 541-247-2995 / Mobile: 303-304-1466
Erik Thomas
Chief Architect
 <https://www.linqto.com/>http://linqto.com <%0b%0bhttp:/linqto.com>
Office: 541.247.2995 / Mobile: 303.304.1466

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