Re: [MAVEN-BUILD] FlexJS Framework (maven) - Build # 943 - Still Failing

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Re: [MAVEN-BUILD] FlexJS Framework (maven) - Build # 943 - Still Failing

Alex Harui-2
I think I need Maven expert help to fix this.  It builds fine for me
locally.  I believe my change to flex-typedefs caused this.  The
flex-typedefs build seems to be generating artifacts with a timestamp in
the artifact name instead of "SNAPSHOT" and this frameworks build now
cannot find the dependencies it is looking for.


On 6/4/17, 9:45 PM, "Apache Jenkins Server" <[hidden email]>

>The Apache Jenkins build system has built FlexJS Framework (maven) (build
>Status: Still Failing
>Check console output at
>U%3D&reserved=0 to view the results.