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[Royale] Flex2Royale Migration App

Peter Ent-2
I have made a change the royale compiler (not committed yet) to produce a migration commendation JSON file. This file is then used by the Flex2Royale example app (also not committed).

You can see the result at: http://home.apache.org/~pent/Flex2RoyaleApp/

This is pretty much the same thing as before, example this time the information is coming directory from the Royale source files. For example, in org.apache.royale.express.Application you would find:

 * This class extends the standard Application and sets up the
 * SimpleCSSValuesImpl (implementation) for convenience.
 * @flexcomponent spark.components.Application
 * @flexdocurl https://flex.apache.org/asdoc/spark/components/Application.html
 * @commentary Unlike Flex Application, Royale Application does not provide a user interface container. Instead, you create an instance of org.apache.royale.express.View as the Application's initialView property.
 * @commentary The Express version of Application pre-packages some additional beads.
 * @example <js:Application>
 * @example   <js:initialView>
 * @example     <local:MyInitialView />
 * @example   </js:initialView>
 * @example </js:Application>

I will be cleaning up code and expanding the documentation. I used some pretty simple CSS to style the output and would welcome ideas for how this should look.